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WATER TEST KITS N - Z               7

Νιτρικών - Υπερμαγγανίου - Φυτοφαρμάκων - pH -Αλμυρού Νερού -

Θιεικά - Στερεών - Ψευδαργύρου


Η τακτική και ακριβής μέτρηση του νερού μπορεί να σώσει ζωές και επιχειρήσεις.

Μια ικανοποιητική μέτρηση μπορεί να σας γλυτώσει απο έξοδα και μπελάδες....

Nitrate / Nitrite Nitrogen (Νιτρικών)

480009_long.gif teststrips_water_(180_x_127)_(130_x_92).jpg

WaterWorks™ Nitrate / Nitrite test strips for water quality testing are the ideal solution when portable, reliable results matter. Whether testing well water or using them as a routine home testing solution, these strips are the best choice.

Designed to be safe, no technical training is required to achieve results. Two versions are available depending on your detection needs: The first solution reports results and Nitrogen (N). The second solution, especially applicable for European markets, reports results as Nitrate or Nitrite (NO3 or NO2, respectively). Simply dip the test strip into your water sample for 2 seconds, remove, wait 1 minute for the colors to develop, and match to the closest color match. Accurate results have never been easier.

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Permanganate Test Kits   (Υπερμαγγανίου)

PERMANGANESE.gif teststrips_water_(180_x_127)_(130_x_92).jpg

Detecting levels of permanganate has never been so easy! Designed to be a rapid, accurate alternative to wet chemical tests, SenSafe™ Permanganate for water quality testing offer the user an easy dip-and-read test strip alternative for determining permanganate concentrations in water. Detecting levels of 0, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 3 ppm (mg/L), SenSafe™ Permanganate is ideal for on-site water quality testing when accurate results are immediately needed.

SenSafe™ Permanganate Test strips are the perfect Permanganate test for Koi pond and Water Garden hobbyists.

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΙΟΝΤΟΣ:                                    ΤΙΜΗ:

Pesticide Test Kit (Φυτοφαρμάκων)

pesticide.gif teststrips_water_(180_x_127)_(130_x_92).jpg

Pesticide Check for water quality testing is a uniquely designed test using an immunoassay (lateral flow) test strip. Designed to detect both the US EPA limit of 3 ppb (μg/L) for atrazine and 4 ppb (μg/L) for simazine, Pesticide Check is a cost-effective alternative to expensive laboratory testing. Yielding results in only 10 minutes, Pesticide Check for water quality testing saves you both time and money.

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(ph) Extended Range pH Check

ph_test_kit.gif teststrips_water_(180_x_127)_(130_x_92).jpg

No matter what your application, WaterWorks™ pH Check for water quality testing is the convenient measurement tool for accurate, rapid pH detection in tap water, process water and control, ponds, lakes, and streams. Utilizing a dual-pad indicator system is what makes this pH test unique. Both indicators are designed to work in unison, providing a wide range of color development. Additionally, the dual-indicator system makes color matching easier and more reliable since both colors are uniquely different from each other. With its wide range of detection, low cost per test, and safe chemistry, WaterWorks™ pH Check is the ideal choice for fast, accurate pH detection you can trust.

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΙΟΝΤΟΣ:                                    ΤΙΜΗ:

Salt Water Test Kit (Αλμυρού Νερού)

SALT_WATER.gif teststrips_water_(180_x_127)_(130_x_92).jpg

Designed to be a rapid, accurate alternative to conductivity meters and wet chemical tests, WaterWorks™ Salt Water Check for water quality testing offers the user an easy dip-and-read test alternative for determining concentrations of salt in water. Detecting concentrations of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, and 150%, and conductivity measurements of 0.2, 1.3, 2.7, 4.0, 5.3, 6.6, and 8 (x10 4 :S/cm), WaterWorks™ Salt Water Check is ideal for water quality testing directly in the field.

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Sulfate Test Kit (Θιεικά)

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΙΟΝΤΟΣ:                                    ΤΙΜΗ:

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) (Στερεών)

Total  Dissolved Solids (TDS) teststrips_water_(180_x_127)_(130_x_92).jpg

WaterWorks™ TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water quality test strips are designed to eliminate the need for breakable meters that require calibration. Measuring levels of 0, 100, 250, 500, 750 mg/L (ppm), WaterWorks™ TDS gives results in only a few seconds with factory-calibrated water quality test strips.

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΙΟΝΤΟΣ:                                    ΤΙΜΗ:

Zinc Test KIt    (Ψευδαργύρου)

zynk.gif teststrips_water_(180_x_127)_(130_x_92).jpg

If detection of Zinc is what you need, this is the answer. WaterWorks™ Zinc Check II for water quality testing is designed to specifically react with Zinc. Say goodbye to dangerous, time-consuming wet-chemical kits that require extensive training and cost. This patented test is a simple dip-and-read water quality test procedure that requires no technical training. Additionally, since there is no glass required to run the test, it is ideal for use in controlled areas. Simply dip one strip into the water for 3 seconds, remove the strip and shake once to remove excess water, wait 20 seconds for the color to develop, and match with the closest color match to determine your concentration of Zinc.

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